The Importance of Visual Impact on Online Marketing

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Internet marketing can be an extremely challenging concept. The world is constantly changing, and as a business, you need to keep up with the latest trends and updates if you want to have any chance of competing with your rivals. Although content marketing is still an essential part of any successful marketing strategy, a modern approach to web management may require a greater focus on visual appeal. Studies have shown that ninety percent of the information we absorb within our brains is taken in at a visual level. Images are processed so much faster than text within your mind, which means that any information you want to communicate fast is better communicated in an image. Today’s society is obsessed with the idea of instant gratification, with 140-character tweets and social media updates pinging to their phones at all hours of the day. Because social media has evolved into such a valuable part of online marketing, it makes sense to alter your content to fit the areas where it will receive the most engagement.

How to Use Visuals in Internet Marketing?

It only takes moments for a reader to see your image and repost it elsewhere, creating a chain reaction that leads to hundreds, or even thousands of new followers. Many readers find sharing an image so much more convenient than browsing through chunks of text, especially if they’re checking their updates on a phone while busy with other tasks. So how do you use visuals correctly?

1. Add images to your content

Obviously, if you’re an individual who focuses often on content marketing, then you won’t be ready to give up on content entirely – and you shouldn’t either! Content is absolutely essential to a marketing strategy, and no indication will ever change. However, you can always spice your content up a bit. Adding images to text that you have written can provide your content with the best of both worlds. It makes your articles, blogs, or posts easier to digest for people who don’t like reading a lot of content, and it grabs the attention of visually oriented readers.

2. Show off what you’ve got

Using visuals can be a great way to show off the products or services you have to offer. If you sell computers, then use pictures of computers that your company has built in your posts. If you sell building services, then show a picture of some of your workers creating something. Advertise what you do, and why a reader should be interested in your company above all others. This also gives you a great option to branch off into instruction videos, tutorial articles, and other content about your products or services.

3. Get involved with current clients

Visual marketing is a great opportunity to engage customers who have already purchased your product or used your services. Ask them to send in images regarding what your company has done for them, or what they have done with the product purchased from you, and then share these submissions. You could even choose to do a small prize draw for the best picture that you receive. This will lead to fantastic interaction with your current customers, and convince your new clients of your business worth. The marketing world online is changing constantly, but it’s important to remember that very little is ever rendered obsolete. Make sure that you utilize all of the marketing tactics you have available to you whenever possible, and keep checking for the latest trends.


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