The Features You Should Include in your E-Commerce Website

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It seems that the sphere for online shopping is increasingly becoming more competitive as technology continues to thrive and grow. Customers are more frequently turning to the web when they need to research and discover the products that they’re interested in, meaning that advertising yourself correctly online is essential if you want to catch the eye of your target market. Though the internet has opened up vast opportunities for small online retailers, it also means that you’re going to have to compete with giants, such as Amazon and eBay. If you want to set your company apart from the larger options, you’re going to have to make sure that your customer’s buying journey exceeds their expectations. With that in mind, here are some features that could boost your E-commerce experience.

1. Create an “About” Page

One of the benefits of being a small retailer online is that you have the opportunity to make your website more personal to your audience. The “About” page is by far one of the pages with the most traffic on any given website, and it should be something which reflects not only the brand itself but the customers of that brand. The “About” page provides a tool that allows you to share your roots, your story, and the details on how you plan to grow. You may find that a section promoting your goals, products, and ambitions is the things that set you apart from your competition.

2. Think about User-Generated Content

To make yourself unique, think about looking at your current fans and customers. Content that is generated by your users can provide fantastic evidence of support for your product. This involves using your social networks to tie back to your website. Another way you might decide to get customers involved in your brand is by allowing them to decide which of your products go further into production. For example, if you have a particular dress on sale that consumers love, offer them the opportunity to vote on a limited edition color choice.

3. Make Shopping Simple

There are few things worse than visiting an online shop and struggling to find whatever you’re looking for. Make the navigation of your website as easy as possible, as this is more likely to keep your customers engaged. Remember, the fewer clicks it takes for your customer to get to where they want to be – the better.

4. Blog and Blog some more!

Blogging has so many amazing benefits, that any business refusing to take part in the phenomenon is instantly losing potential customers. Blogging not only provides you with organic search results but helps to build the relationships that you establish with your customers. It assists in industry trends, product comparison and allows you to answer the most important questions your customers have.

5. Offer Amazing Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any business – regardless of its size. However, making sure that your support surpasses your shoppers&##8217; expectations is especially important for smaller websites who are looking to make a reputation for themselves in the online retail sphere.

6. Provide Guest Checkout Options

According to recent studies, almost 25% of all users will abandon their shopping cart if it forces them to register with the website before they can make a purchase. Allowing individuals to buy what they need as a guest could help to reduce the number of times people leave their carts stranded. Your goal should always be to make a sale, even if your customer doesn’t want to return to the website afterward.


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