The End of Google Authorship?

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VIEWS: 5870 Views CATEGORY: SEO READING TIME: 2 Min To Read UPLOADED ON: 22 Sep 2014

After a 3 year experiment, Google has ended Google Authorship—the program where writers could embed tags into their Google Plus profile to match their content (blog articles) and establish a credible reputation.

Although Authorship has come to end, Author Rank continues to offer benefits to those who have established who they are—the reputable author of a story—and maybe hopefully get a higher ranking for said story.

Of course, this “trick” has its limitations and is only one small part of many different factors that help your website rank on the first page of Google. If you missed your chance to claim Google Authorship, there is nothing to stress about because the residual benefits will only be short-lived.

In addition, Google continues to update the search algorithm, and the methods used to get on the front page are affected by every change. Some changes may go unnoticed, while others have a huge impact that can cripple an entire business.

If you are truly a credible author trying to get more exposure for your blog through natural, organic placement in search results then the best strategy is the safest one. Publish great content that is truly unique and valuable, and focus on quality. Not quantity.


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