The Biggest Internet Marketing Mistake

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Actually, there are several mistakes that many misadvised website owners may make when it comes to internet marketing. So let’s cover some of the more common web marketing mistakes before getting to the biggest.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  • Using the wrong social networking site, or not using the right one. (Example, your niche can best be expressed with visual media but you use Twitter instead of Instagram or Pinterest.)
  • Using social media to excessively promote your business. Seriously, get your head out of your *** and have conversations with your audience before you lose their interest!
  • Forgetting that nothing disappears from the internet. Celebrities are a good example of this mistake, because they tend to post a controversial opinion and delete the original post when it becomes a PR disaster. It’s okay to express a controversial opinion, but be ready to stand your ground or at least issue an official apology rather than flaking out.
  • Buying fake followers. If you have to pay for “fake fans” then there is something wrong with your brand. No wonder nobody “really” likes you!
  • Taking on more than you can handle / Not keeping up with social media. A stale page shows inactivity. Choose to only take on what you can handle and use it well or don’t bother using it at all!

Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

  • Going for high volume keywords instead of phrases that qualify leads. Local businesses have the leading advantage of including demographic terms when optimizing for search engines. If you serve a bigger audience, you’ll still benefit by focusing on specific niches. Narrow your options because you’ll catch more fish in a smaller pond.
  • Working with the wrong SEO provider. Forget what they promise you and question how they plan to achieve those results. Aggressive SEO strategies are not appropriate when you have a non-disposable website and value the reputation of your brand.
  • Thinking that SEO is the purpose of a blog. If you’re not aiming to get subscribers or build a base of loyal fans who love your brand, your blog is a useless waste of web space that could actually cost you a few customers.

But the worst mistake of all is…

Marketing on the web when your website sucks. Isn’t it a waste of time, money, and energy to try to bring in new traffic when you can’t keep new visitors interested?


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