The 3 Biggest Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

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Before you start rolling your eyes, this particular article isn’t going to go into how crappy design or crappy content isn’t going to convert. This article assumes you already have enough sense to build an effective website but it still isn’t generating sales.

Honestly, you probably fell for some bad advice along the way. It happens… so which of these mistakes have you been making?

Are you asking for too much information?

Look up “Facebook messenger” if you want a reminder that people take their privacy very seriously and you will not be given the benefit of the doubt to use personal information for good. Because, let’s be honest, we’re all sick of the spam emails.

With that in mind, it’s asking an awful lot of anyone to insist they give up their email address to access certain information. More importantly, the information you ask for has to fit the information you are offering.

To put it simply, you’re scaring people away. Even if all you’re asking for is an email, you’re probably messing up somewhere else too. Keep reading.

You’re not trustworthy enough.

Lack of trust is hands down, the biggest roadblock that will prevent your website from converting. This is the category that design and content fall under too, by the way, because it’s easy to spot the difference between a “legitimate, credible business” and a half-assed site that was thrown together to convert traffic.

Yet if you’ve put in the right effort and have a credible website, the next problem may be that you’re clearly trying too hard to “close a sale”. Keep it simple and straight forward. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to offer badges when relevant… perhaps familiar logos of any certifications, or “As seen in…”.

Slow Load Time

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a computer or on a smartphone… 20 seconds of load time on the internet feels like 20 hours in real-world time! Be sure to also test for browser compatibility, and check that there’s no auto-play for any video or audio files because that can slow down page load time. (Plus, it’s really annoying to do that anyway.)


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