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It is 2014, so if you haven’t already done so then you might be planning website redevelopment because responsive web design is no longer optional.We’ve passed the point where a mobile and tablet friendly website shows innovation, and now those outdated sites are stale and useless because smartphones and tablets are taking over!

This article isn’t about building a responsive website though. It’s a reminder that when you redesign, it’s also important to simplify. Cut out the junk that you no longer need.

Once upon a time it was popular to publish as many pages as possible. It was useful for search engine optimization (SEO) and it kept visitors on your site as they clicked around from one topic to the next. You could lay down navigational paths and research analytics to gain insight into what your visitors wanted.

But now, that nonsense is just as annoying as scanning a QR code to a page that isn’t mobile friendly. It’s pointless.

So cut out the unnecessary steps. Instead of saying “Click here to contact us” why not embed a contact form and be sure that your alternative contact information is clearly visible on all pages in your header and/or sidebar?

As you may have noticed, the web design trend is gravitating towards a one-page landing page where all information is summarized. All you have to do is scroll down. This layout is just as friendly on real computers, so you’re not being snobby, but it’s more user friendly for all device users because everything you need is-right-there.

Now you should still have separate web pages to elaborate on each point, but visitors should be able to access those pages without having to click on a menu bar. Forget about analyzing leading content and user interaction… focus instead on simplifying and creating a more user friendly experience. This will benefit your conversion rate, even if only by making it easier to fulfill an action.


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