5 SEO Topics That Are Ready for Retirement

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It’s the world you know, and the topic you write about. But when you find yourself running out of article ideas to update your blog, please consider publishing nothing as opposed to milking these tired “go-to” topics.

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

You’re beating a dead horse. Every point that exists on this debate has been made, many times, and on many different SEO blogs. Not to mention, the argument itself is practically pointless because the world of SEO has changed so much that both perspectives have had to restructure.

SEO is Dead

SEO has changed, but it will never be dead. Next topic?

Google PR (Page Rank) is Dead

Can you tell me anything else that’s new since 2002?

“What Does {Most Recent Google Algorithm Update} Mean For Your SEO Strategy?”

Okay, I see where you’re going with this. Google launches a lot of cutely named changes to the search algorithm and you want to be the first to blog about it. Just be sure to offer something substantially useful because whenever a new update is launched, so are 147,054, 632 (rough guesstimate) blogs about it within the hour.

Any SEO Topics from Last Year (or Older)

There is no value in a new article about “how to build links after Google Penguin” because it’s 2014. Get over it and move on, everyone else has!

What You Should Write About Instead

  • Real news in the SEO world
  • Inspirational or motivating stories that might have nothing at all to do with SEO but will interest your readers
  • Opinionated articles that define what your brand stands for, either by expressing your stance on a current “hot topic” or through a (slightly less controversial) editorial
  • Unique tips and advice that can’t be found elsewhere
  • Topics that are only slightly relevant to your audience, even if they have nothing at all to do with SEO


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