Seven Inspirations to Boost your Video Marketing Creativity

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It’s clear to see that the video marketing trend is steadily becoming more popular. A number of statistics and studies have been gathered to show that video marketing really does work, and certain researchers found that videos were actually 50 times more likely to gain an organic first-page ranking than some text pages.

One of the great things about video marketing is that making videos and posting them online can be a relatively inexpensive process. However, the biggest issue that most companies have is that they struggle to come up with any inspiration to get their marketing process started. Search your competitors on Facebook or other social media platforms and watch their videos to know about their marketing process. You can also save Facebook videos using a Facebook video downloader to watch them later.

If you’ve never created a video for large audiences before, then take the idea and create a viral masterpiece.

Nevertheless, here are some ideas that could help to boost your creativity.

1. Answer Questions

Think about the things that people ask you about your website, product, or service the most often. Most companies can come up with anywhere between five and ten questions that they are asked on a regular basis, so for each one, make a short video clip where you explain the question and the answer.

2. Be Educational

Tell people what they need to know about your services or product. Give them the details on the benefits and features you’re offering, and inform them of all the things that they can expect to receive once they have made a purchase.

3. Create Competitions

If you’re running a business, then you’re going to need a list of clients. Make a video encouraging prospects to sign up to your website or newsletter, and offer them something in exchange, such the potential to win a prize, or the chance to get 20% off their next order.

4. Review something Relevant

If you’re a company that sells baking goods, find recipes that you can use with your equipment, and review those recipes. This is a great way to show off your merchandise without being too aggressive about your advertising.

5. Tell a Valuable Story

You’ll often find that your followers, fans, and customers can relate to you more easily if you tell a compelling story. Talk about how you got to where you are today, or speak about recent experiences that you’ve had, relating to your business, that have impacted you in some way.

6. Debunk the Myths

Find out about any myths of negative stories surrounding your company, brand or product, and show off how these myths are actually not true. This is a great way to show that your company is capable of handling negative feedback in a positive way.

7. Show Your Viewers Behind the Curtain

Take your fans and followers outside of the office and show them what it’s like to be “natural” in your company. Introduce your workers, tie in some of the ways that you like to organize your business, or how you manage your time. Pull back the curtains and show that there are humans working behind the face of your corporation.


Finally, when you’re making a video, don’t try too hard to be perfect. The chances are you’re not going to like the first take of any video that you record, and you’re going to have moments where you need to try again and again. However, don’t let multiple takes of the same video disappoint you or slow you down. Just remember that you’re always doing your best, and move on. The more videos you publish, the more your confidence will continue to grow, helping you to develop significantly over time.


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