New RoBoHon Robot by Sharp: An Adorable Smartphone in Disguise

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New RoBoHon Robot by Sharp: An Adorable Smartphone in Disguise


Toy robots are not new, such as Aibo of Sony perhaps comes to your mind. Now Sharp has RoBoHon, a cute and adorable smartphone in disguised. It is getting an upgrade.

RoBoHon looks similar to a robot and works like a phone with a belly screen. It can do more than a phone. The actual model could talk and move for call alerts, notifications and more. The face of this robot has a projector. It could project large images on flat surfaces by leaning forward. RoBoHon is useful to see pictures, follow a recipe or use as a hands-free novel option. The initial model of this amazing smartphone is available for Japan only.

The latest model, the 2nd-gen RoBoHon is a cute smartphone with Wi-Fi and LTE variants. These cheap variants may cost almost $715 (79,000 yen), but it can’t walk. It is capable of moving its upper half of the body to music. Users can make it stand upright manually. Sharp is exaggerating improved response times and reactions with excellent RoBoHon range.

The smartphone comes with several specs, such as it is upgraded from Android 5.0 to 8.1. It has a 2.6-inch display, 2GB RAM, a Snapdragon 430 chipset, 8-megapixel camera, and 16GB storage. Other essential features include sharing and taking images. The manufacturers are planning to add a new feature to control smart appliances.

Sharp claimed the movements and speech of bot could be programmed with the use of pre-loaded apps. Beyond customers, Sharp is planning an incoming feature to make RoBoHon a marketing assistant to display products in museums and stores. With a unique app, it can be a multi-lingual receptionist.

The LTE RoBoHon variant without 180,000 yen tax costs (almost$1,628) and the Wi-Fi variant without 120,000 yen tax costs ($1,085). A monthly subscription fee is $9 (980 yen). The RoBoHon bots are accessible to pre-order, and its release is expected on 27 February.


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