Incognito Mode Will Soon Candidly Camouflage Your Web Surfing

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Incognito Mode Will Soon Candidly Camouflage Your Web Surfing


Do you know when you are in incognito mode by Google you are not entirely in disguise? Soon you will be because Google respects your privacy and is going to remove the only flaw their incognito mode has. Developers found a way to see if a person is using the incognito mode if you are a developer you can learn about how to do that by merely doing a little research.

Google’s incognito mode was made to give you some private time over the internet by disconnecting you from all of your social accounts. Just a few sets of codes can help a website to find if a person is using incognito mode also it doesn’t mean your IP address is hidden and the sites you visit still be able to store data especially if you accept to the use of cookies.

You can either go for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) if you want to hide in the cyberspace completely. According to the news, the method websites used is to try to access the Filesystem API which is disabled when you are in incognito mode. So, when found inaccessible it means that the user is currently in the incognito mode. Google has decided to remove the Filesystem API and make a Virtual file system.

Which means if a site wants to take a peak in the Filesystem API, Chrome will make a Virtual one using your random-access memory whenever you switch to incognito and will keep it there till you close the window. This way whenever some website tries to access the API will never be able to find about your incognito mode.

This mode will be available in the chrome 74 version, but to enable it you need to learn about the chrome flag settings. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the Chrome 76 version in which you won’t need to authorize the feature for the incognito window but will always be enabled when switched.


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