Galaxy S10: A Leaked Video Revealed a Strange Issue

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samsung galaxy s 10


Samsung is going to launch its Galaxy S10 in a few days. Flagship family of Samsung is already famous, but its key features are coming out gradually. There was a video for the fingerprint scanner to reveal some crucial details for the public. In this video, the screen protector was visible, but there was an awkward interaction between the screen, the in-display fingerprint reader and the protector.

A thing was noted that slightly ugly cutout on the protector for the fingerprint in-display sensor.  It was revealed earlier that fingerprint in-display sensor of Galaxy S10 might not go well with screen protectors. The new video is confirming that drawback. Instead of only front camera cutout, people who are looking to increase the safety of Galaxy S10 with a screen protector will be forced to deal with this gaping hole at the lower area of the display.

A cutout for a mobile camera is fathomable, but a cutout for entrenched fingerprint sensor can be a fudge. Hopefully, the screen safety technology will find a solution before the release of a handset to the public. Samsung uses different techniques with Galaxy S10 Plush and S10 fingerprint reader. Similar to optical scanners in OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi8 Pro, Samsung uses ultrasonic for fingerprint reading. This technology can offer better results, but the reading area should be unobstructed. Moreover, the tempered glass and plastic screen protectors of OnePlus 6T don’t need a cutout to use biometric reader.

The company often don’t display its products with a screen protector at launch events and in the trade shows. However, users find it essential to use a screen protector for maximum safety. For the progress of Samsung, efforts of amazing to make S10 chic, this gap looks awkward in the screen.


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