LG Smart Ovens Come With Tovala Tech

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LG collaborates with smart oven business for automated cooking. The company is trying to make smart ovens. They outsource efforts for the new startups. Smart ovens will recognize pre-packaged meals from a smart company Tovala. Owners of LG smart range can scan meals through the app of Tovala.

The team of Tovala has built a smart system with multiple oven companies, Brava and June. Signature features of Tovala support customized cooking. Tovala announced development into recognizing frozen meals on its smart countertop oven. LG is planning to incorporate Tovala IQ technology into intelligent ovens.

Countertop oven of Tovala recognizes brand meal kits or frozen items from Trader Joes. For this purpose, you have to hold up the barcode to the scanner of an oven. Meals of Tovala are sold through their website because weekly subscriptions range from 3 to 12 meals each week at almost $12. These meals came in reasonable portions and tasted good.


LG Smart ovens


With the integration of smart LG oven, you may scan the barcode of the meal on mobile devices with Tovala app. The smart oven of LG automatically cycles and preheats through cooking techniques and temperatures specific to meals. LG can go well with different recipes and smart partners for cooking, such as Drop, SideChef and Innit. Users can use these platforms to curate personalized meals from available recipes via apps. You can send cooking instructions to the LG oven or range. Innit comes to Wi-Fi enables superfluity lines of LG and Signature Kitchen Suite.

The oven can broil, toast, bake and steam food items automatically based on every meal. Tovala may let users scan frozen foods of Trader Joe. Functions of LG mobile are unclear now. LG has a partnership with smart oven companies, such as Innit, Side chef, and Drop. They guide users via recipes with voice assistants, video instructions and companion apps.

LG is silent for the availability or pricing of new Tovala feature. The feature may be highlighted in a double wall LG LWC3063BD oven. However, it is expected that the models of 2019 may have this new feature.



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