Dodge Cyber attacks to Protect Your Smart House

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IoT devices allow you to do several things, but these are not secure. There are several concerns about cybercriminals and hackers. They can misuse your unprotected devices.

Keep it in mind that unsecured IoT devices could increase the chances of a security breach. For instance, a smart bowl of cat food can be unsecured, and cybercriminals can get access to this bowl. They might access your Alexa unit that is associated with a smart bowl. It might enable them to send commands to other devices connected to the network. In this situation, they can do everything from identity theft to unlock doors.


cyber attacks


Instead of leaving a gap in your home security, make sure to throw out old IoT devices. Keep it in mind that an unsecured IoT device could be an open window for cybercriminals. They can get access to everything at the same network.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals become more tech-savvy; therefore, consumers must take new measures for their protection. If you are planning to buy IoT devices or already have one, make sure to arrange suitable security measures.

Make sure to have a secure Wi-Fi network, even without IoT devices. A cybercriminal or hacker connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks could be harmful. He can access your smartphones, computer, and other devices.

Use a strong password for network security and make sure to change it frequently. A strong password may comprise symbols, numbers, lower, and upper case letters, etc. Feel free to name your network unnoticeably to avoid attention. Putting your address, name and something identifiable can be a part of Wi-Fi name. Simple or boring names may keep your network safe because an attractive name can easily catch attention.

IoT devices need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to send data. Some devices may need one-time setup in a smart home. Smartwatches and Fitbits are some IoT devices that might require a secure connection. It is your responsibility to search for established connections. If you rely on Bluetooth, it will consistently search for new connections. A hacker might connect to this network and load up malware to your devices. This malware could be deadly and spread to your devices and phone on the same network.

For maximum security of your house, it is essential to update IoT devices because outdated devices invite hackers to find susceptibilities. For each IoT device, make sure to update every software and enable automatic updates. Some devices might need manual installation of physical drivers. If you failed to protect your IoT-enabled devices, it could increase the chances of cyber attacks.   


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