Facebook’s Location Privacy Controls Update, Revealed A Secret

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Facebook updated the app with a message for all the Android users that it used to continuously log location data even when you are not using the application. Due to the run-of-the-mill infrastructure of Android Facebook had the liberty to collect user’s location data whether the person was or wasn’t using the app.

In short, Android users who had the location services turned on most of the times can assume that Facebook knew where you were even when you weren’t using the app. It isn’t a matter of concern for the people who never turned on location or used to enter their positions manually. These permissions won’t turn on until you use the location services. Facebook was constructing a history of areas, the sites we visit, the city or a hotel, etc.

It is time to turn the services off now; you should be aware that the location history in Facebook still holds the records. So, use location services when you find necessary, if you never thought that some app could record your location history then you should really think about, are you okay with it?

According to the message from Facebook, it said that you had previously turned the location settings on which allowed Facebook to store your precise location data even if you weren’t on the app. Now, Facebook has introduced a new background location setting which can be toggled on or off if you don’t want Facebook to access the location of the device.

All the location data that is being sent to Facebook might be personal too. One thing to keep in mind, we don’t know what Facebook is doing with all the data collected by the app and sent to their servers. If they have all the information on a user, then we don’t know for what and when they will use it for.


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