Key Points for Better Web Page Content

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You might already be aware that professional design of a custom website is crucial for creating a great first impression and drawing visitors in.

You might also think that web content is crucial for getting your website ranking on the front page of Google. This line of thinking is actually going to ruin your website and lose traffic.

While SEO is an element that shouldn’t be overlooked, it is definitely last in line of importance after:

  • Keeping the attention of visitors
  • Providing informationclearly and effectively
  • Formatted for readability. In other words, each page should be easy to read and scan through without missing important information, and it should not be intimidating at a glance.
  • Making it as easy as possible to complete the next action you want users to take. Sure you can say “click here and contact us” but it’s more effective to say “Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to call us or fill out the following form to get in touch” (and embedding a contact form on that page or in a sidebar.)

Now there are many additional points that matter with web page content. A website full of poor grammar or infested with spelling errors is very unprofessional and that will cost you more in lost traffic than it would have cost to hire a quality content writer instead of a cheap (overseas) SEO writer.

Tone and language are 2 core elements that define the way your visitors will feel about your website… and they should be given the same level of attention as the color palette used in your graphic design to spark the right emotion.

Over-use of target keywords, terminology, jargon, or fluff can also be a big turn off. If you find your website suffers from a high bounce rate, it can be traced to poor design or low quality web content. Evaluate the content on your leading exit pages, and reduce the unnecessary clutter.


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