Instagram Gives An Opportunity To All Local Businesses

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The local pages are similar to the ones that pop up when we add a query in the search engine like Google. The information displayed on the pages is identical to the ones found in Google business accounts. If you haven’t downloaded it, then you should check it out.

The information that you can add to these accounts includes address, business category, hours, price range, business website, and contact number. You can add a couple of images for a business page plus set them as display picture as well.



If your business is already present on Instagram, then you can easily hit the claim button which will let you claim a user profile page only if they have access to the Facebook business page. It is a good thing that businesses have control here unlike other directories where users can alter information. There is a chance that some of the information might be extracted from your Facebook business page as well.

It’s uncertain that the images posted will appear as the recent ones or it will display the last three posted pictures. The photos will appear in the banner of the page where three photos are published as a group. You can add images of the business, like if you own a restaurant, adding an illustration to show people the inside is a wise choice. The second and third image, of course, should go with the flow and shouldn’t beat around the bush.

The Instagram users, however, are interested in reading stories rather than checking out a profile page. Whenever you are browsing you always read stories related to your query and almost five hundred million users watch Instagram stories every day. Still, creating a business profile is beneficial since it lets you add contact information along with location data, which allows search engines to add you to their nearby list easily.

If you’re already running your business’s page on Facebook, you can use the same content in Instagram stories to capture the attention of the targeted audience. Saving pictures from Facebook is easy, but you might think fetching Facebook stories is impossible, as the platform doesn’t provide this option. You can resolve this query with the help of a Facebook story downloader, which is a free online utility that allows you to download Facebook stories without imposing any restrictions.

If it’s not of the audience of Instagram, then search engines can be a reason for building a page. It is better to add more information to the stories than a business profile so that people can get to learn about your business more and they don’t have to click back to the page of stories.

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