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Download Your Favorite Instagram Videos – Free and Quick!

With what started as a simple photo app has now evolved into a full-fledged social media platform. And everyone’s go-to photo sharing app. Not just photos but now Instagram also includes videos in the form of posts, stories, and long IGTV video content.

Facebook-owned Instagram is one place where you can find all the photos and videos, even those that are hard to find on Google. The fact that IG is the most popular video sharing app and now the availability of Instagram videos, together has made it super easy for users to upload and share pictures and videos.

Have you ever come across a food recipe that looks delicious or the interview of your favorite celebrity on IG? And, wished you could download videos Instagram, so you could watch it anytime?

If yes, then get ready! We are here with the best Instagram Video Downloader.

Whether you want to download and use a video for personal or professional purpose, our IG video downloader will help you download your favorite videos without any hassle and in no time.

Introducing Free Instagram Video Downloader

Back in 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, many looked askance at the move. The growth of the photo-sharing platform since the time of the purchase has been phenomenal. At that time, it had only 30 million active users, and now it is a whopping 400 million active users per month. That accounts for more than 20 billion shared content including photos and videos.

Younger users have been shifting from Facebook to IG and Snapchat, which only provides a clearer picture of the rising popularity of IG videos. With its growing popularity, IG increased the 15-second limit of videos to 60 seconds, along with other video features like Stories and IGTV.

With various ways to upload videos on IG, there aren’t many to download videos. Not to worry though!

Instagram Video Downloader by SmallSEOTools is a free web-based tool that allows you to download and convert IG videos so that you can watch them later without having access to the internet.

We wanted to build a tool that is convenient for everyone to use, which is why it is a simple, user-friendly tool. Just grab an IG video, download it, and keep it stored in your device to watch whenever you want. It is quick and easy to use tool that will help you save: a lot of time and bandwidth.

Our Instagram Video Downloader:

  • Is absolutely free
  • Is very easy to handle
  • Doesn’t require registration or installation
  • Provides high-quality videos
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Offers no limitations
  • Doesn’t add watermark to Instagram downloader video
  • Is safe to use
  • Provides seamless and quick processing

How to Use Our Instagram Video Downloader

Guess what? There is no need to get yourself registered or install anything. With a friendly interface and straightforward functionality, our tool makes it a piece of cake to download videos Instagram. Here are the simple steps involved:

Step #1: Get the URL of the IG video ready that you want to download.
Step #2: Visit: if you are not already there.
Step #3: Copy/Paste the video URL in the given area.


Step #4: After entering the video URL click “Submit” button. The tool will instantly start processing.


You will get the result in no time, allowing to “Download” and save the video to your smartphone or computer. You can also see the Quality and Size of the image.


Download, save, and enjoy the IG video anytime, anywhere for free.

You should keep in mind that Instagram downloader video is meant for personal or entertainment purpose only. If you intend to use the Instagram downloader video for any other purpose then you must seek permission of the artist or organization it belongs to.

Legal Note

Whether or not it is legal to download videos from Instagram?

That is one concern often associated with a tool like a video downloader that is used for downloading videos from social media sites such as Instagram.

Please note that we do not encourage the downloading of any copyrighted material, without the permission of original creators of the content. However, if you download any copyrighted videos, they must not be used for any commercial purpose.

We encourage our users to downloaded non-copyright content and for personal use only, except for their own. We do not hold responsibility for any copyright infringement that may result from the use of our video downloader.

*We are not affiliated with Instagram and we don’t host or own any of the Instagram downloader video that you may download using our service. All rights remain with their respective owners.

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