8 Innovative Digital Tools for Teachers and Students

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Learning isn’t confined to classrooms these times. We crossed that bridge where students had to sit in their classrooms to learn about various topics. 

Technology innovation has enabled distantly located individuals to communicate with their instructors and mates to learn new ideas.

There must be some learning activities that need to be formulated to ensure the participation and interest of students. 

Incorporating advanced utilities and gadgets in the education sector has become inevitable for implementing effective learning strategies. 

The massive advancement in digital technology has provided people associated with academics with the ability to manage their complicated tasks appropriately. 

The assistance of these facilities will help conceive and design informative and engaging activities that hold the power to fuel students’ thirst to learn more.

Moreover, it will encourage students to open up to their teachers, who can capably assist them by offering thoughtful ideas. 

Therefore, incorporating the right tools must facilitate learning through modern means. 

Here, we will jot down a few must-have tools for students and teachers to perform their responsibilities effectively.

1. Google Doc

Google Docs primarily facilitates the creation of editable documents. The online facility enables students and teachers to create and edit documents, and they can have easy access from a remote location. 

Google docs support tables, images, and other pictorial content. All the changes the user makes in this editor are automatically saved. 

The users can also view the previous versions by referring to the revision history.

Additionally, you can quickly check the person who made specific changes in the doc with the last edited feature. 

The foremost thing is that a learning group can work on the same document. Commenting is also allowed in this web-based tool. 

Teachers can use this tool to share mark sheets or other essential documents with students.

Google Docs

2. Skype

Skype is a famous communication tool that also offers a video chat facility. Flawless and uninterrupted communication is inevitable for smooth information sharing between instructors and students.

This communication tool is the first choice of millions of individuals for remote collaboration. 

Skype also improves online group learning. Teachers widely use this application for conducting online video meetings with groups. 

The friendly interface of this tool helps students and teachers to communicate swiftly.


3. Plagiarism Checker 

Plagiarism is undoubtedly a serious matter that has spread like an outbreak in recent times.

 A plagiarism checker is handy for teachers to detect duplication in students’ submitted assignments. 

The desire to complete assigned tasks without making an effort is the primary reason that leads students to commit this unethical act.

Similarly, students can also take the assistance of an advanced web-based plagiarism checker to ensure the uniqueness of their content before submitting it to their supervisors.

This practice is essential for students to prevent any penalty for duplicating others’ work.

plagiarism checker

4. TED-Ed 


TED-Ed is a well-known education-focused platform filled with educational videos that assist instructors in planning engaging lessons. 

The ideas and tips shared on TED-Ed help teachers create informative and result-oriented lectures for both classrooms and online learning. 

TED talks are highly appreciated for their inspirational lectures. The educational arm of this video creation platform, TED-Ed, incorporates these discussions that guide teachers’ advanced strategies to enhance students’ interest and urge to learn new skills. 

Most of these well-designed videos are animated and cover topics like science, maths, and plenty of others. 

This video platform also contains various utilities that assist teachers in planning lessons.

ted ed

5. Grammar Checker 

High-quality content is mainly based on strong grammar. Students are expected to present well-researched assignments with zero-grammatical errors.

 A grammar checker is a valuable tool that assists students in detecting grammar or spelling mistakes in content. 

The facility helps in finding extra spaces, missing paragraphs, transitional mistakes, spelling, punctuation, and verb tense mistakes without following any intricacies. 

The tool also assists teachers in tracing out grammatical flaws in students’ submitted work.

grammar checker

6. Zoom


Zoom is an authoritative platform for teachers to collaborate in real-time with students for clear communication over the internet. 

The tool helps students and teachers stay connected, plan meetings, and communicate effectively. 

Whether it’s related to online lectures, presentations, or collaborative meetings, Zoom will let your best work shine through. 

Zoom's assistance helps instructors improve eLearning collaboration and makes it convenient to manage classes effectively. 

Moreover, the utility is highly recommended to boost the cooperation between students and teachers.


7. Padlet 


Padlet is another remarkable platform that helps to collect relevant information, videos, documents, and other pictorial content. 

In this tool, teachers can create pallets to combine all relevant information regarding their lectures. 

Furthermore, the instructors can use this excellent tool to design group lessons, collate notes for lessons, and manage various other crucial matters. 

This platform is highly appreciated in online learning, and teachers prefer this tool over various other possible options.


8. ClassDojo 


ClassDojo is an intelligent platform that improves student performance. 

The facility provides teachers a chance to give instant feedback, so students get encouraged and have more receptive towards the learning process.

The online utility also offers run-time notifications to students based on their overall class performance. 

This information can later be shared with parents through the internet.

class dojo

Bottom Line 

As far as the educational sector is concerned, the rapid development and the evolutionary process of human intellect have paved the way for advanced mediums, resulting in swift modifications occurring every other day. 

The world is witnessing a transition phase, especially after the pandemic, and it seems we have gone through a time portal. 

The significance of online tools has increased dramatically for teachers and students to perform their assigned tasks and make the learning process smooth and flawless. 

The utilities mentioned in this blog post are highly advantageous for individuals associated with academics. 

Read our other blogs to learn more about online facilities that can assist you in completing your assignments or managing your classrooms exquisitely.


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