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Samsung Opens Its Own Version Of Apple Store In Three Different Locations


Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone are famous because of a fantastic retail store experience. The store facilitates customers to walk in for instant, face-to-face support. Similar to Apple, Samsung has announced its three stores to offer related services to its customers.

Previously, Samsung has pop-up locations around the United States. This place was famous among customers to experience Samsung technology and products, such as VR. However, these locations were not selling or providing support services.

Though Samsung devices are readily available at different stores, these places can’t provide sufficient support to customers. Having a particular location for users can increase their confidence. They can confidently visit this place to meet with an expert to focus on their problems. Other retailers are not offering Samsung support, so these retail stores are essential for customers.

Customers can access these retail stores in The Galleria Houston, Roosevelt Field on Long Island, Garden City, New York, and The Americana at Band, Los Angeles. These will be Experience stores of Samsung. As per Samsung, visitors can do these things:

  • Get the information and purchase the new products of Samsung: from Galaxy tablets, smartphones, and wearables to SmartThings devices and TVs.
  • Catch hands-on time with the latest products and get in-person demonstrations from experts.
  • Receive assistance and customer support, such as walk-in repair for mobiles

Along with mobile products, the retail stores of Samsung can have VR headsets and TVs to provide an exclusive Samsung environment. Samsung is going to launch its folding phone, and it can be an expensive device. In this situation, a retail store is perfect for potential buyers. They can see this device in stores before purchasing it.

Retail stores of Apple are famous among third-party manufacturer. They prefer them for retail shelf space and a strong client base. Several Samsung accessories gratify the special Designed requirements like watch bands of Strap Studio. In retail stores, customers can see these products.

Samsung will consistently run its pop-up experience centers even after starting these stores. Upcoming March can be an excellent time to visit experience centers. Time will prove if these retail stores become as popular as Microsoft and Apple stores.


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