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While design is important for creating a feeling, the text portion plays a very important role in the overall value of a website. But you already knew that, hopefully. Perhaps there is still some confusion or misunderstanding about why content is so important and why quality is a bigger priority than quantity.

First of all, unique copy sets the tone.

It’s amazing to see how simple changes in phrasing will change the overall tone of a website. For example, let’s look at the About page. Almost every website has one, but it’s not always called “About”. Alternative titles include:

  • Our Difference
  • Why Us?
  • The {Brand Name} Story

It’s fun to see a unique title in that primary navigation bar; it almost makes you want to click on and read more. Let’s be honest, nobody really cares to learn more About you just for the sake of reading a boring company profile…

Conversational narrative is friendlier.

Referring to your brand in the 3rd person (ex.- {Brand Name} was established in …} is dull and impersonal compared to a 1st person narrative (ex.- referring to your brand as “I” or “we” and to your audience as “you”) is more conversational and engaging. Give your visitors a perspective that you are speaking to them, not at them. If a reader feels more involved in your copy, they will feel more engaged by what you have to say. With that being said, cater to the questions your audience really has rather than the information you feel is more important.

Focus on benefits instead of features.

The biggest mistake you could be making when describing your products or services is focusing on key features instead of user oriented benefits. Focus on who your core market is, and why people buy your product or service. Focus on the challenges faced by your audience and how you solve them. Give readers something they can relate to on a more personal level. By emphasizing the buyer and their needs, rather than the product itself, you create a more pleasant buying experience. Don’t be the pushy car salesman.

When possible, surprise your audience.

Humor is the best way to wake your readers up and stand out from competitors. You don’t have to drop an F bomb to surprise your audience, but you do have to be really original. Especially when dealing with a saturated industry or niche.

Avoid jargon!

Jargon does not have to be technical phrases commonly used to describe a product or service, but that’s part of it. Phrases like “results oriented” actually take value away from the message you are trying to say. Stay away from buzz words. You’ll make yourself sound foolish when you try to use fancy vocabulary to sound smarter. Instead, keep it short sweet & simple. Paint a picture with your words instead of resorting to textbooks for inspiration.


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