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Nearly every website has a few consistent pages, that’s a given. The Home page is typically considered to be the primary landing page. The Contact page provides numerous options to contact you. The Services page (and sub pages) talk about what you do. The About page talks about why.

The biggest mistake you can make on the About page is to make it all about you.

I know it sounds funny, because this page should talk about you but it’s very important to get out of your own head and focus on what your audience wants to know. Who you are, and why you are the way you are. So tell your story, but don’t be dry. It shouldn’t be all about your education and experience, it should be proof of your passion, expertise, and authority.

Also, this page should be consistent with the personality on the rest of your website. So if you want to be funny and deliberately informal, you better be sure to maintain that voice in product descriptions.+

p class="none">Pictures are good. Videos are good. (As long as they aren’t embedded on auto-play. Yuck!)


Use this page to highlight the common principles that your brand stands for. It’s not a resume… people are on this page because they are interested enough to know more about you. It means there is potential for a connection, how loyal relationships are built.

Think past the generic ‘About’ page layout. Nobody cares to read testimonials or to know what you did before starting this brand… unless it is relevant to your story. Think of this page like a dating profile, and above all else… always be authentic.

Alternate Titles for the About Page:

  • ‘Why Us’
  • ‘Why Choose Us’
  • ‘Our Vision’
  • ‘Our Mission’
  • ‘Our Difference’
  • ‘Why We Do What We Do’


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