When It’s Okay To Take Information From a Competitors Website

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If you hire a cheap overseas freelance writer to work on your web content, they may not know enough about your industry to provide useful information and create a voice of authority on your website. Rather than providing a writer with base content to use as substance for your web pages, should you take the easier approach and give your writer a list of competing websites to use for inspiration?


What about if you use an online plagiarism checker to make sure that your content is 100% “unique”?

Still, Nope!

What about looking at industry leaders for inspiration… so you can see what’s working for them?

Why Would You Want To Do That?

Because what works for others might work for you too?

Again, Nope!

It might seem as though there is a thin grey area between seeking inspiration and straight ripping off a competitor. However, the definition for “unique” and “original” have never included “must pass copyscape.”

Something that works for an industry leader is something that works because it is original. Get your own area of expertise, specialized focus, and/or experience rather than trying to copycat somebody else. The end.

Now… what about when you are just launching a new website, have a small budget, and can’t afford the investment for a quality content writer to produce branded, original web content or articles?

Seriously… NO!!!

You can see where this is going. No matter what excuse or reason you come up with, it is never ever going to be okay to take content (that includes the point, not just the words) from anybody else. Ever.


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