If Number One in Google is Your Number One Priority…

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Then you are doing is wrong. Sure, SEO is worth the time, money, and energy invested but it is—after all—nothing more than a marketing strategy. More importantly, the goal (getting number one on the front page of targeted Google search results) cannot and will not be achieved aggressively.

Everything you invest should work to make you more money.

That’s how return on investment (ROI) works. Now measuring the ROI of SEO… or any internet marketing strategy, depends heavily on sales generated through your efforts.

In other words, what is the point of getting number one in Google if your website isn’t converting enough traffic to be worth it. A low conversion rate and high bounce rate are two of the biggest red flags that tell you to get your priorities in order… and that’s assuming that your website isn’t actually blacklisted from displaying in search results first.

Prioritizing search engine optimization before branding identity, audience engagement, and relationship building is just foolish. In fact, engaging traffic and keeping customers happy is actually the best and most reliable way to achieve a sustainable placement on the front page of search engine results.

Of course, that’s not really relevant. When you do put quality first, you stand out from competitors. When you stand out from competitors, your audience has a real reason to actually choose you. When the experience is pleasant, your customers have a reason to do repeat business… and maybe even recommend your brand to their friends.

Ultimately, the favored “valuable” brands are more likely to show up on the front page of Google when somebody searches for a specific phrase. It does a lot of good if your brand is there, yes. However, it’s not worth the effort you’re wasting if number one on Google is a goal that you prioritize over the more important things.


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