How to Improve Your Landing Page

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If it could all be boiled down to one word, the most important step in improving your landing page—specifically a sales landing page—is improving trust in that page. Web visitors will judge that first impression more quickly than with any other media. Forget the 30 second bounce rule… you have about 5 seconds to win traffic over or lose them indefinitely.

Here are a few simple guidelines you can use to immediately transform your landing page into one that will earn trust and keep traffic interested.

1. Consistent Brand Messaging

Visually, avoid changing color palette and typography between banners, ads, landing pages, and the rest of your website. Do repeat your core message and increase confidence that visitors are in the right place through immediate recognition.

2. Do not create any barrier to valuable content

If you offer something for free—in exchange for personal details—establish that offer in advance for a higher conversion rate.

Nobody is every going to want to provide their email address in that annoying pop up box that covers your site before they get to see what’s in it for them.

3. Speaking of pop-ups

Don’t. Just… don’t.

4. Simple Terms & Conditions

Nobody wants to read through an intimidating page or section of small print that’s full of legal mumble jumble, but the need to read through terms and conditions has certainly increased over the years because some businesses are just shady about the way they do business. So try to put the important stuff in layman’s terms. Even better, separate T&C into two sections—one for lawyers and one for people with something better to do.

5. Professional Design

Don’t let your nephew do it for free. Don’t let somebody in the Philippines do it for cheap. Invest in a design that is consistent with your brand messaging, clean, simple, relevant, and profressional.

6. Contact Information

One of the most obvious deal breakers is when the only contact information seen is an email address—or none at all. Many people will test the credibility of a brand before making an informed purchase. Not only should there be a number to call, but it should be very easy to find that number.

Putting callers on hold for a long time, or having low-quality customer service… that’s a great way to lose potentially new customers.

7. Stop overselling!

Exaggerating only leads to disappointment.


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