Common Misconceptions About Black Hat SEO

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It is no fun to be stuck in a cat-and-mouse dance around the best way to handle link building, content marketing, or other SEO strategies. You see a lot of Good vs. Bad being brought up in this discussion but it all circulates around some common misconceptions regarding Black Hat SEO. Obviously the approach is not favorable for a business that takes their business seriously, and it is definitely not recommended to utilize black hat SEO tricks for sustainable marketing purposes.

Yet you might find it interesting to read on and discover how many of the common misconceptions you’ve been believing about black hat SEO.

  • If it’s not strictly white hat SEO; that means it must be black hat

    . If only all things were that simple. Actually, most SEO providers follow strategies that combine elements from both opposing viewpoints to provide silver/grey hat SEO services.
  • Black hat SEO is used by spammers/scammers.

    This is mostly true, except that it implies this approach is used exclusively for deceptive purposes. It’s important to know that many SEO providers will use black hat techniques for credible businesses.
  • Black hat SEO doesn’t work.

    If that were true, why does it exist?

If you really want to understand the difference, you have to first understand that it’s really not a cut and dry, black vs. white situation. Initially, black hat SEO focuses on achieving front page placement in Google as quickly as possible. It’s short sighted but the goal may be worth the risk. White hat SEO focuses on the same destination but is more patient because it is worth the wait.

Then there is silver or grey hat SEO, which attempts to balance sustainability with aggression by utilizing some of the lower-risk shortcuts to produce faster results. This is the more common approach to SEO-focused service providers.


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