How to Improve and Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Although social media marketing is becoming increasingly relevant as a way of reaching customers both new and current, email marketing continues to reign at the top of the heap. When compared to Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts, email has been established as a process that is 40 times more effective in developing new customer relationships. If you’re looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy, then these tips could help.

1. Optimize your Emails for Mobile

It seems that just about everything is focused on mobile access these days. As consumers become increasingly reliant upon their smartphones, these devices are becoming the most preferred method of accessing emails. As such, your emails should be designed to pique your customers’ interest regardless of where they are.

To get the right email format, make sure that you use a responsive design, capable of adapting to a screen of any size. Alongside that design, it’s important to choose the right font. Serif fonts are generally the easiest to read on a computer screen for headings, but sans-serif fonts should be utilized for any other text.

2. Ask your Readers what they Want

Sometimes, the easiest way of figuring out what your readers want is to simply ask them. Use surveys to access information about the type of content you should be creating. You can also use the same survey to find out how regularly they would like to receive emails from your business or company. There are a number of free DIY survey sites available online today, just remember to keep your questions short and sweet. Nobody wants to have to deal with a long, test-like survey that makes them feel as though they’re back in school.

3. Measure the Results

Just like any form of marketing strategy, email marketing cannot be properly utilized without some form of measurement. After all, you need to know what’s working for your company, and what isn’t. There are a number of important metrics you should be watching to ensure success. For example, keep an eye on the conversion rate to see how many people click on the call-to-action links you provide in your email. The average conversion rate is usually between 5% and 10%, so if you get less than this, there’s something wrong. Always calculate average conversion rate to get an estimate that your emails are working or not.

Other metrics that are worth watching include bounce rate, open rate, and unsubscribe rate. All of these metrics can vary according to your list, mailing practices, and industry, but they are all essential.

4. Add blog posts, images, and videos to Emails

If you put a great deal of effort into designing videos, images, or blog posts, then you should be including them in your emails. Aside from the fact that an email campaign helps to gain more eyes for your content, it’s also great for improving online traffic. Make sure to choose content that has already received a lot of attention, as this is a good indication that your readers have enjoyed it. Don’t include the entire article in an email, just a teaser and a link to the rest of the article on your blog or website.

There are a number of important factors involved in creating a successful email campaign, but if you’re careful to plan ahead, and you’re willing to constantly evaluate your work to see what you can improve, you’re sure to develop an amazing marketing strategy.


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