How to Avoid Serious SEO Mistakes On WordPress

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As most savvy business owners already know, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most vital techniques available when it comes to increasing the visibility of a website. However, despite the importance that has been placed on SEO over recent years, many people are still failing to get the most out of their WordPress site. If you think that optimizing your WordPress page doesn’t take anything more than simply pressing publish on your latest post, you could be missing out on some serious marketing potential.

Tag and Categorize Properly

Maybe one of the most important things that people commonly get wrong in their WordPress website is categorization or ‘taxonomies’. The tags and categories that are used within your WordPress post will provide enhanced opportunities for your company to receive increased traffic and higher engagement. However, if you use these tags and categories improperly, then you might actually be convincing your readers to hit the back button and leave your site completely.

The truth is, categorizing and tagging your posts properly doesn’t only make it easier for your visitors to track down the information and content they want quickly and more effectively, it also boosts your onsite SEO. Although Google doesn’t automatically rank tag pages and category areas high on your search engine result pages, the use of these things does allow Google to understand the keywords that are most relevant to your website. For instance, if you run a website about computers that focuses largely on keyboards and you have a tag page for the word “keyboard”, with links for various things linking back to it, that provides Google with a good indication that keyboards are important for you.

Optimize How Your Posts Will Look in the Search Engine Result Pages

Another issue that a lot of companies forget about within their SEO strategy is that a link needs to look inviting on a search engine result page in order for a potential consumer to click on it. Although placing a website somewhere within the first ten pages of the search engine result pages is an important factor, it’s also essential to remember that some visitors can be drawn to websites with lower rankings if the description or title of the page is interesting. Optimizing your posts to improve your click-through rate is essential, and there are two main ways that you can do this. First, think about your Meta title, as this will be what is displayed on the SERP instead of the headline that is posted on site. Secondly, think about your Meta description, as Google can choose to use this instead of an excerpt from your post.

Importantly, you cannot automatically have these things defined if you are using WordPress in default, rather you will have to install a plugin. You can either choose a standalone option that simply adds Meta tags to your page, or you can download a plugin that incorporates various features for improving your WordPress SEO.


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