How Much Should You Charge For SEO Services?

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With any service, setting your rate can be one of the biggest pains. Ironically, you have a harder time raising rates if you love your job while those who only do it for the money will make more. Not surprisingly, those who love their job tend to offer a bigger value for a lower cost.

Over time, clients love you because they get more for their money. Over time, you begin to question if you are truly charging what your time is worth. It’s ultimately up to you what you should be charging for SEO services but there are a few things that might help.

What Does _____ Charge?

When you look at competitors rates, you also have to look at what’s included for that price. It’s not a good idea to compare yourself to others, for any reason, because you are different. However it is okay to compare your services per price with what others offer for the same rates.

Look Again, In the Eyes of a Customer.

With an understanding of your perspective, look again through the eyes of a client.

They probably don’t know what you know about SEO, so keep in mind that a more professional presentation (AKA better website) may be why clients are more willing to spend more on Competitor A, even though they get less value.

Presentation is crucial when marketing any type of service, and if you cut corners then you can’t expect to charge as much as a competitor who puts attention into the details that matter most to clients.

Look At Your Experience.

If you’re reading this article, you’re interested in finding out what you should charge for SEO services. That’s either because you’re brand new to the industry, or you’ve been at it long enough that it might be time to re-assess your fees.


In both cases, experience is the deciding factor. A newbie has absolutely no right charging the same rates in their first year as somebody who has 10 times the skills and hands on experience under their belt. It happens, yes. It is beyond unethical however.

It’s not that you should intentionally charge less due to inexperience, but you should not kid yourself (or clients) into putting yourself on the same pay grade as a competitor until you’ve gained the hands on experience to back your rates.

More importantly, when you work hard and earn your way into a position where raising your SEO rates is justifiable… it is the most rewarding feeling!

How Much Do You Want To Make? (Realistically.)

You’re not going to make a million dollars a year offering SEO services. You also shouldn’t make minimum wage or less either. Calculate the income you need to earn for a comfortable life, and add 25% to cover taxes and other business related fees.

It’s a struggle, but the beauty of owning your own business is that you can set your rates based on how much money you need to make.

Setting a financial goal is the first step, then you need to calculate fees that are realistic (considering the market rate and your personal experience).

Finally, What Are Your SEO Services Worth?

Clients expect to see results. You can’t guarantee front page placement. (Really, don’t even try.) You can guarantee to give proof that (a) you’re doing something and (b) what you’re doing is getting results.

Small SEO Tools offers a number of tools you can use—for free—to generate extensive SEO reports so clients can receive a valuable deliverable, and it won’t cost you anything more than time. The little effort it takes to customize SEO reports based on unique client goals and include narrative is personal. It makes all the difference when a client is satisfied with their investment, and that’s a pretty good way to be worth what you charge.


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