How Many of These 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Are You Making?

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If you started in affiliate marketing because you wanted to make money, that was mistake number one. Seriously.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on a successful website, but no website will be successful if it is clearly built for the sole purpose of making money. Doing-it-for-the-money is the root of these more specific mistakes.

Too many affiliate programs.

There are many, many, many affiliate programs out there and it’s tempting to join every single one you come across. Doing so will only lead to an overload. Yes, less is more.

You’re selling when you should be helping.

If you’re taking your role seriously as an affiliate marketer, you are now a salesperson. The thing is, salespeople don’t sell if they are focused on closing sales. Instead, focus on helping people. Focus on the problems and introduce the solution. Let the informed customer decide to buy, with your guidance.

You aren’t trustworthy.

If you’re not putting yourself in the shoes of a consumer and testing any affiliate products or programs, then you should not be recommending that program. Building trust is only half the battle. Maintaining trust is far more valuable… and you have to put in the effort to earn that privilege!

You still think that affiliate marketing is easy money.

Money is something you earn. If you entered the world of affiliate marketing with hopes of wealth beyond your wildest imagination without ever having to put in any effort… well, it means you bought into a “make money online” scam.

An affiliate marketing website is your business. It is your brand. You need to build your audience. You don’t have to make your own products, so affiliate marketing is an easy way to monetize something that you would be doing for free if money didn’t exist.

Seriously, you have to really be passionate about your niche.

Hopefully you already recognize that having a niche is important for successful affiliate marketing websites. But that niche isn’t for the profit potential, it’s for you. It’s because this is something you already know a lot about. You are very passionate about it. You are somebody that others could turn to for advice in this niche.

Otherwise… you’re just throwing a bunch of ads onto a web page and hoping for a few clicks. That’s not very profitable, is it?


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