How is Information Technology Impacting On Ultramodern Societies?

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How Is Information Technology Impacting On The Ultramodern Societies?


When we throw a glance on our past, we find ourselves living in some stone age, as compared to the present. We see that there has been a significant revolution in communications, and computing. All this technological progress and vast use of information technology indicate that it will continue at a rapid speed in upcoming times and would certainly change the world entirely. Humanity has accompanied and supported the dramatic increase in the usage of new information technologies that it has declined the cost of communications and resulted in both increasing the competition and improving the technology.

The Walks of Life Being Impacted by It   

Here is an analysis of the impacts of Information Technology on various areas including private life, commerce, electronic commerce, labor market, market structure, business models, workplace, health sciences, education, and society as a whole.

Business & E-Commerce

E-Commerce could be one of the most affected areas of modern life. This is undoubtedly a significant outcome of the progress generated by information technology. It probably deserves to be the latest way to conduct business over the Internet. Though it is only one or two decades old, yet it would radically alter the social environment and various economic activities. It has already affected communication, retail trades, and financial issues on such a large scale that seems it is not acceptable for a major part of the society. 

Market Structure, Business Models

Reducing the importance of distance is another area, where information technology is working deeply. In most of the industries, the geographical distribution of work is changing meaningfully. For instance, some giant software companies have found that they can take over the local market by hiring some competent software engineer, where the wages are lower. Moreover, both parties can take advantage of the time difference to meet the deadlines of critical projects.

Market and Workplace

The communication technologies and computers have enabled the individuals to communicate with another in various ways complementary to traditional face-to-face, telephonic and texting modes. This technology uses communication infrastructure, that is global and always up by making it happened around the clock. Social communication in different companies is going to be affected by the use of computers and other communication technologies. The relationship across various department lines would be enhanced through sharing official coordination and informational activities.

Education Sector & Modern Technology

How is the education sector going to accept or deny the changes made by modern technology?

Development in information technology is also going to affect the art of teaching by complementing rather than eradicating traditional classroom instruction and ways. In the present times, we find the instructor in two different roles, one as a supplier of exceptional services to the students can be regarded as its customers. But we can’t ignore that the effective instructors do carry another role as a supervisor of their students. In this role, they motivate, evaluate, encourage and develop their students by presenting themselves as an example. For the majority of students, the presence of a live instructor continues to be more effective rather than a computer-assisted counterpart in facilitating positive learning results.


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