New iMac, Featured With Better Graphics And Faster Processors

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The lovers of iMac, around the world, have been waiting excitedly to hear great news from Apple, one of the giant IT companies. It is Tuesday 19th of March, 2019 and Apple has made an explosion by launching its iMac with some latest features including better graphics and faster processors. Apple is offering six-core processors for the first time in its new iMac 21.5-inch model, and stocking the 27 inch iMac with eight-core chips and making it even faster. Both the new processors and graphics chips possess a lot more power to back up the performance of the iMacs. If you already have an iMac product, you can update it by configuring it up to eight-core Core i9 Processor from Intel Corporation and latest Vega Graphics options from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.). For the very first time, this is also available on the iMac line.

In the following lines, we’ll try summarizing the detailed updates made and offered by the company.

  • For the very first time, iMac with a 21.5-inch screen is featuring Intel’s eighth-generation quad-core and six-core processors. The latest change is amazingly pushing up the speed and performance up to 60 percent.
  • The other iMac with 27-screen is stocked with ninth-generation chips with either six or eight core processors from Intel. It’s delivering up to 2.5 times faster CPU performance.

It’s expected by the company that customers are having a love for iMac, are going to appreciate the significant boost in its performance. With the powerful Vega Graphics, you iMac lineup is getting even higher than ever. iMac is going to be the best desktop in the world for its twice the performance, fantastic design, macOS Mojave and stunning retina display. Aside from the latest updates in the CPU and GPUs options, there’s not been brought any significant change in the models. The amazing all-in-one is still featuring high-resolution retina screens offering 14.7 million pixels. You will be amazed to know that even these screens are capable of rendering a billion colors to support Apple’s Wide Color renowned as the DCI-P3 display profile naturally.

    Moreover, it’s also possible to get wide-viewing angles and 500 nits of brightness the LCD based IPS Panel in iMac lines. Let’s discuss a little about the pricing of the units. The latest iMac model featured with Retina 4K display has been launched in the market with the price starting at $1,299 and the 27-inches having Retina 5K display is offered on a $1,799 value. There is an important point to be noted clearly, that prices would undoubtedly go up if you configure your iMac machine with better GPU, CPU, hard drive storage, RAM and some other upgrades.

There is another option for you that if you don’t have a sufficient budget, you may choose the non-Retina iMac model, starting its value from $1,099. Plan to order these refreshed iMac machines today from Apple’s own stores or wait for a while and get it through the company’s authorized resellers on next week.


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