How Does This Page Rank Check Tool Work?

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Using the PR Checker Tool is a breeze- simply enter the URL of a web page and click the big green button that says “Check Page Rank”. It’s how to use this tool to its’ fullest potential that might surprise you!

FYI- each page on your website will have a different Page Rank. Cool, huh?

So when you enter the URL addresses, don’t stick to the home page ( because all you’ll get is the Site Page Rank and that’s almost a waste of a perfectly good tool!

To find out which of the pages on your website have the highest value, enter multiple URLs!!!

Here is an example of how the Page Rank varies between your Site and Pages:

As you can see, the Site PR for (which is basically the home page) is 4. However, the Google PageRank Checker Tool (page) has a higher PR(5) which means this tool has more authority back links. In other words, this is one of the most valuable Pages.

  This is a powerful tool… use it well!

If you plan on purchasing advertising or buying a “used” website, this free Page Rank Checker can help you make an informed decision. Or if you’re researching the impact of your website, be sure to check the value of each individual web page… including blog posts.

Look at the difference here:

The picture above shows that has a measly PR1, but the $5 Article Challenge ( and the Article Spinning ( blog post are valuable pages with a PR4. You wouldn’t know that if you only checked for Site PR!

Example: If you are checking for the Page Rank of “” be sure to also check:


My Results Are Red! What Does That Mean?

The Page Rank Checker on Small SEO Tools offers advanced insight not commonly found with other free PR checkers. The red results let you know when a Page Rank is fake, or false.

You see, some shady individuals will use a variety of methods to create a “spoof” Page Rank. You can use this tool to check the validity of a website before you buy it, or buy advertising, and save yourself from getting scammed.

Look at this example:

Now if you were to research the domain above you might be pleased to see it has a Page Rank of 5, which means it could actually be worth the $249.

That is, unless you dig a little deeper:

The red PR results let you know that a Page Rank is fake, not real. Please click here to learn more about how- and why- this would happen.

In a nutshell, most tools will show you just a Page Rank and you could still be suckered into wasting your money on a scam. However, Small SEO Tools provides a color scheme to identify the Fake PR from True PR, offering you peace of mind.

About Google Page Rank

Page Rank (named after Larry Page) is a link analysis algorithm used by Google that measures how many links point to a website or page, and more importantly the quality or importance of the sites that provide those links. It uses a numerical scale, with 0 being the least important and 10 being the most important.

In an attempt to “cheat the system”, some website owners have tried to purchase links back to their website hoping for a higher Page Rank. However, those low quality links can have a negative impact and result in a lower Google Page Rank. In addition, a website may be penalized or blocked from search results, giving priority to websites and web pages that have quality linkbacks and content that is valuable to humans.

If your Page Rank Test results are lower than you’d like them to be, you might want to use this Back Link Check tool to determine the Page Rank (value) of sites that are linking to your website or page, then further examining the value of each individual link with this Link Analysis tool. Also, you can use this Backlink Maker tool to create valuable (high PR) linkbacks.Page Rank is only updated 2 to 3 times a year, so the best policy is to put your best foot forward with value link building and quality content, and then run this test on a quarterly basis to see if there are any changes.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT modify the code, otherwise we can not guarantee the correct work of our free page rank checking tool that displays the page rank value!  


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