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Looks like, with the new year, Google has made some new updates to enhance the experience of shoppers as well. In 2018, Google expanded the availability of Manufacturer Center from just 7 to 24 countries. According to Google’s latest update, it has added several new features to the Google Shopping. The update provides advertisers with an ability to add product pages with more content to Google Shopping listings as well as new and improved analytics. Furthermore, the availability of Manufacture Center has already been expanded. Way to go Google!

google shopping adding new analytics


New Content: Product Pages on Google Shopping

As per announcement, there’s now a detail Shopping product pages that will let the advertisers to populate their listings on Google Shopping with high-quality content. Merchants can use product pages to highlight those features and capabilities that shoppers care about.

Google’s first launch partner is WebCollage to provide content to eligible manufacturer’s products. Reportedly WebCollage has witnessed more 10% more conversions when more visual content is shown based on an A/B test.

Eventually, all manufacturers who upload content to Manufacturer Center will also be able to upload their own content.


Improved Analytics: Better Decisions with New Insightful Analytics

Google has also updated its Manufacturer Center with new and insightful analytics that will help people to make better business decisions. Improved analytics will allow manufacturers to have a better understanding of how their products ads are doing on Google. Learning how the ads of their products appear and perform on Google will help them with better media decisions, digital ad investment, and pricing.

New analytics will include:

  • Performance trends such as top performing product groups and essential changes in the price or performance.

  • Insights are available on product variants like average price trends and top search terms for the products.

  • Product group stats like which one of your competing products and brands appear most frequently with yours.

All brands in Manufacturer Center, meeting the eligibility criteria can benefit from these new analytics.
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