Google Partners With Leading Tech Brands To Bring Its Assistant AI To Your Vehicle

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Google won’t be left behind when it comes to the latest trends in Smart Assistant AI technology. Following the footsteps of its high-profile competitors (Amazon and Apple), Google will soon bring to the market its innovative hands-free Assistant integration to most vehicles. It is made possible when Google closed a deal with tech giants - Anker and JBL. Both Anker and JBL are two major companies who are developing cigarette lighter-powered electronic devices that can act as tiny access points for the smart assistant AI.

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Even though Amazon’s Alexa got a head start on its Smart Home Invasion technology, Google is working double time to catch up and extend further the reach of Google Assistant. This new technology aims to make it a part of people’s everyday lives. The device will specifically involve the vehicle’s infotainment system.  Google in partnership with Anker and JBL will bring devices that you can use to command AI to make phone calls and play music for you as well as give you directions to different places. These are just some of the common things that most people need help with especially when driving. These hands-free tools can also help avoid accidents on the road that are usually caused by unnecessary distractions such as using your phone while driving.

Anker named its device model as "Bolt," and will cost around $50 when it gets released in February. It comes with simple features and it only has two USB-A ports for additional connectivity. While, JBL’s device is named “Link Drive,” and will cost around $60.  Its features are almost the same as what Bolt has in terms of functionality, and it is expected to come out this spring.

Though JBL costs a little higher than Anker, it can be justified by its noise-canceling features. It is said that these additional features are capable of ignoring sounds like the wind rushing by your window or the sound of raindrops as it lands on your windshield, letting you have a clearer voice command experience. These new Google Assistant-equipped devices support 12-volt car lighter port which can work in many old and new vehicle models.

This latest technology from Google in partnership with Anker and JBL is a great way to smarten up your on-the-road experience.  It will also enable you stay focused on your driving while you enjoy music in the background, speak with someone, or get directions during long trips.

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