SwiftKey Keyboard better In Performance Than Google Keyboard

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swiftkey vs google


Gboard is not quite old, but this app has gained a lot of users in a short period of time. Gboard came in Android market in December 2016. In 2 years, Google added five hundred languages to this amazing swiping keyboard with more than a billion downloads this app received a lot of awareness. Google keyboard had conquered the market in these two years, but now it is time for a change.

If you use browsers in your mobile phones, then you might have used the incognito mode. This mode doesn’t keep any records of which sites you have visited, your login credentials, cookies, and cache as well. It means you are completely invisible on the Internet. This feature has come to SwiftKey keyboard available for Android and iOS, as today’s keyboards predict words and learn your typed words for swiping purposes. This astonishing feature will not keep a record of words after switching to incognito.

The reason why this feature exists is to avoid people from learning about what you have been typing when they use your phone to send a message or sign-in to some app. SwiftKey didn’t really receive a lot of attention since 2010, maybe because people were unaware and still are, but with this feature in the market and news, it will definitely gain some recognition.

SwiftKey keyboard is an AI-powered keyboard it suggests word and shows predictions based on the structure of your content. Also, it is in the news that this is the fastest keyboard in the market, as Gboard is slow because of its extensive development it takes time for a smartphone to open the app and run the process. So, it is time to reduce the lag in your smartphone by almost fifty percent, and according to the development team, it is the fastest loading keyboard App.


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