Twitter Rolls Out Political Ad Tracking Tools in Europe

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Twitter Rolls Out Political Ad Tracking Tools in Europe Ahead Of Elections


Twitter rolled out special tools in Europe to assist voters. With these tools, the voters can identify political campaign advertisements related to crucial parliament elections in Europe in May. The purpose of this tool is to diminish the effects of disinformation campaigns of Russia and fears of regulatory action.

Major social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are under pressure to play their role and combat fake news. They have to control the spread of propaganda and extremism online. The EU (European Union) is apprehensive about the role of Russia. However, Russia consistently denies these actions.

Twitter claimed its party-political campaigning advertisements policy, announced during the midterm elections of the United States, will be launched in Australia and India, both countries are heading toward polls.

It means that everyone can get access to ads of endorsing parties or a candidate on Twitter. The ads transparency center provides with billing information, demographic targeting data and ad spending. The advertisements may be available indeterminately.

A visual disclaimer and label information on endorsed content may permit users to recognize political campaign advertisements and the person paying for these ads.

The company claimed in a blog post that their political campaigns policy is prolonged to cover upcoming #EUElections2019, proving an extra layer of vision to the general public. The idea behind these efforts is to provide insight into political campaigns on Twitter.

The organizations or candidates would go through a certification procedure with identity proof before running ads for political campaigns on its website. The policy will be implemented on 11th March.


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