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Facebook Video Statistics Marketers Need to Know for 2023

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Facebook Statistics of Video Marketers Need to Know 1
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Despite the shifts in the landscape of social media, Facebook is still the hub of marketing brands and products due to the reach it has. In addition, its reels feature has augmented its potential further. Therefore, individuals and brands striving for branding are trying to build a user base by making videos.

 So, if you want to become famous on Facebook, you should give priority to video content. It would be best if you create videos on exceptional ideas, establishing yourself as a unique content creator. However, if you run short of ideas, you can download videos from other sources to get inspiration by watching them repeatedly to enhance your creativity. You can download videos with the help of a Facebook video downloader to bring them to your use. 

Videos have appealing and interesting formats and more information can be conveyed through them in a short period. In addition, they can keep users engaged, making them learn and memorize different types of information easily. Thus, this blog post will enlighten Facebook video statistics to help you understand their dimensions and how you can take advantage of them.

Top Video Statistics for 2023 as a Marketer

Facebook video stats have seen a massive boost since Covid-19 because most of the users killed their time watching clips. Since then, the graph is on the higher side. Following are some general numbers as of the year 2023.

Billions of Views Everyday

Curious about how many people use Facebook? Some sources claim that Facebook observes more than 6 billion views daily. However, Yans Media, a credible source, believes the number to be 4 billion. Even if we stand by this figure, it is paramount evidence of the significance of Facebook video because it is just one billion less than YouTube. And we all know that Facebook is not a video streaming platform like YouTube.

Growing content percentage share

According to Data Reportal, the percentage that videos carried in Facebook content is near about 15%. This is approximately 1/6 of the overall content. This shows that the value of video content is second to none nowadays as every sixth post includes a video.

Better Engagement Rate Than Photos

Facebook videos receive almost 1700 engagements per post, while photos receive around 1100 engagements. This stat is shared by Newswhip. It shows that the ultimate way of growing fast on Facebook is to put effort into a video posting. That's why brands put their efforts to create Facebook videos.

Booming Leverage for Marketing Campaigns

According to Social Media Examiner, 25% percent of marketers think that Facebook videos are the most important video channel. This is even more than 24% of YouTube videos. Moreover, 49% of marketers feel that Facebook videos are the best method to market brands and services.

Higher Viewership On Facebook Live

82 % of the audience loves to see live videos from brands as compared to text-based posts. This number is given by Live Stream. It shows that live-streaming has become a talked about medium for marketing products and services. This is happening because it makes the interaction between users and brands more natural and organic.

Innate Videos Gather More Shares

Forbes, a renowned source, claims that videos uploaded directly on Facebook generate 10x more shares than other platforms like YouTube. This implies that instead of sharing video links from other sources, you must post original videos on your profiles and pages to gain viewership.

Gazing Rate Is Higher On Videos

Tubular Insights says that users gaze 5x more on Facebook videos than other kinds of posts. That happens because videos are more diverse and they hold the power to attract the viewers’ minds quickly.

Videos with Numbers in Titles Enhance Engagements

Wochit asserts that videos with some sort of numbers in their titles garner more engagement and viewership. For example, if you name the title such as top 5 cricketers and 10 best goals, you will succeed in generating almost 4x more views.

2 Billion People Use Facebook Daily

2 billion people use Facebook daily. This is around 66% of the overall number. That means the consistent posting of videos can empower your growth at a higher rate.

Final Remarks

In the light of above-mentioned information, we can say that Facebook videos are becoming the most potent source of marketing. Therefore, marketers must learn how Facebook algorithms operate to get extraordinary conversions by creating videos for the products and brands they work for.


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