Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels - Differences & Which to Use

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Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms that are used by millions of people daily. The arrival of TikTok boosted the growth of short-form video content, and it made Facebook and Instagram adopt this trend, which resulted in the arrival of reels. Calling it a trend now won’t be fair because we don’t expect reels or short-form video content to get obsolete anytime soon.

The upsurge of reels on the two giants of social media, Instagram and Facebook, has made it crucial for businesses and individuals to make a shift in their content creation strategies. For marketing your business or making your worth as a content creator, you need to jump into the realm of reels.

Now, you might question whether Facebook reels or Instagram reels are better. Well, despite being owned by the same parent company, there are some differences in the reels on Facebook and Instagram. 

We have come up with this blog in order to help you figure out these variances. Go through it till the end to find which one you should use to achieve your goals. 

What Are Facebook Reels?

Launched in 2021, Facebook reels are short-form video content that focuses on entertaining the audience for a limited period. This form of content on Facebook possesses the ability to be discovered by new audiences. Facebook also describes reels as a way of becoming a part of cultural moments on this platform.

If we talk about technicalities, the Facebook reels are displayed vertically, and the maximum video length is 60 seconds. You can add sound and effects and keep the original audio while uploading reels on Facebook. Download reels that are posted publicly on FB with the assistance of Facebook reels downloader.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram rolled out its reel feature in 2020, and it’s continuously attempting to make improvements to promote short-form video content. Firstly, it allowed the users to record reels for up to 60 seconds. Later, it was changed to up to 90 seconds. In 2022, Instagram announced that videos that are in length of up to 15 minutes would be uploaded as reels. So, this platform gives a good margin to the users in terms of video length. People can save any of these videos using an online Instagram reels downloader anytime.

Instagram reels came out in competition with TikTok, which went viral across the globe due to short-form videos. Currently, Instagram reels are available in more than 150 countries.

Key Differences Between Facebook and Instagram Reels

As you have understood the basics of Facebook reels and Instagram reels, you might be eager to find out if there are any differences between them. When you scroll through reels on both platforms, you’ll find many similarities. But there are some differences you should know about. They include:


A major difference in reels you find on Instagram and Facebook is related to their identification. The reels created on Instagram contain the watermark of this platform at the bottom of the video. 

On the contrary, there is no watermark on the reels created on Facebook. If someone has shared a reel on Facebook, but it was created on Instagram, then you can easily identify it.

Audience Selection

On Instagram, you cannot specify the audience that can watch the reels you share. If your account is private, then the reels will only be visible to your followers. And if the account is public, the reels can be viewed by any person around the globe. Individuals can also boost views on Instagram reels and videos by creating unique and inspiring content and many more. 

When it comes to Facebook, the scenario is different. This platform provides you with an option to customize the audience. The options you can choose from include public, friends, groups, and communities.


The reach of Facebook reels is far more than the reach of Instagram reels. It’s because the FB reels appear on the news feeds of the users, no matter whether they are following a page. 

However, Instagram reels don’t show up on Feed in this way. People mainly see the reels of the users they follow or those who follow them. Hence, if you want to expand the scope of your audience, then Facebook reels are better than Instagram reels.

Facebook Reels Vs. Instagram Reels: Which One Should You Use?

After knowing the differences between Facebook and Instagram reels, you might still question which one should be used to meet your needs. You can get an answer to this query and make your own choice between them by taking the following factors into account:


What type of content do you wish to share with the audience? You need to analyze this factor to make a selection between Facebook reels and Instagram reels. The Facebook reels are majorly used by businesses involved in tech gadgets, automobiles, real estate, and skill development courses. 

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While, Instagram reels are used for sharing lifestyle content, such as fitness, fashion, and food.

Primary Objective

Choosing between Facebook reels and Instagram reels also depends upon the primary objective you wish to achieve through them. If you’re running a business and you wish to expand its audience, then Facebook reels are preferable. The Facebook reels allow you to reach the masses; the reels shared on this platform are public by default, which makes it more convenient for you to show up on the feeds of new users.

In contrast, Instagram reels are a popular choice for businesses who wish to create their brand value. In addition, you can also use this platform to show yourself as an influencer.


If you’re looking forward to targeting specific demographics, then it’s essential to make a wise choice between Instagram reels and Facebook reels. Facebook, being the largest and oldest social platform, unlocks the potential of finding an audience across all age groups. 

However, if you’re looking forward to reaching out to a younger audience, then you must opt for Instagram reels. It’s because two third of Instagram users are aged 35 or younger. Hence, it provides you with a massive opportunity of targeting the youth.

Final Words

In the last analysis, the differences between both platforms shared above can help you understand the right choice for promoting your brand. Whether you choose Instagram reels or Facebook reels, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd with exceptional content. If your content is ordinary, then the results will also be average. Therefore, you should understand what content sells best on these platforms to reap the results you’re looking for.


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