Facebook Announced Redesign for App and Website

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The big F8 conference is here, and so are the big changes! Facebook has kicked off its F8 conference in San Jose yesterday, so some big announcements and changes were expected. Not disappointing us, they have indeed announced some significant updates to their products including Facebook, of course. One of the biggest announcement concerns Facebook Messenger that is going to get some major updates. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, in his keynote speech during the company’s F8 developer conference happening in San Jose, announced a redesign of Facebook website and app. The newly updated app is going to be available to U.S. consumers today. While it will be available to the rest of the world in the coming months. Facebook’s fresh updated desktop version will also be rolled out later this year. According to Zuckerberg, “This is the biggest change to the Facebook app and website that we have made in the last 5 years.”

Let’s Explore The Big Changes

To put it straightforwardly, almost everything has changed.Both the app and the website now looks completely different and very white. Now if you thought that the last big redesign of Facebook had a lot of extra white space, you might find this revamped look even more annoying. There will no longer be the top blue bar, which is replaced with a big Facebook logo. Also, the navigational icons are moved to the top. The status update box is smaller and relatively less prominent whereas Stories icons are now bigger.

In addition to the makeover, the new Facebook is emphasizing groups a lot. The recommendations for the groups, you may want to join can be seen in Facebook Watch, Marketplace and other app sections. You can also choose to share a post or update directly from your News Feed to groups. As per Facebook, the reason for focusing more on groups in the redesign is that groups which count 400 million are among the most significant and ‘meaningful’ ways people use Facebook. A new “Meet New Friends” feature has also been introduced to help people start an interaction with new people from their shared communities such as city, workplace or school.




Similar to Facebook’s dating featured which was rolled out at last year’s F8 conference, there is a feature for friendships still being tested. With connecting to the city you live in or groups you may have joined, it can help you find nearby people, who may also be looking for offline friendships. This seems like a good idea in the context of Zuckerberg’s efforts to make Facebook a more “privacy-focused” social network.

Note: Facebook doesn’t allow you to save the videos posted on profiles and pages. If you want to save Facebook videos on your device for watching them offline, you can turn to the Facebook video downloader which takes a couple of seconds to help you save videos from Facebook.

Coming back to the dating and friendship feature, Facebook Dating is expanding to 14 new countries. And there is also a new exciting “Secret Crush” feature that does exactly what it says. It will allow you to make a list of FB friends you have a crush on. If someone from the list is using Secret Crush, and they will add you to their list, then Facebook will notify you two of the ‘match.’ Facebook will roll out Messenger 5 later year with a lighter and faster app. They say that the old FB Messenger was about 100MB in size, but they have managed to make the new Face Messenger around 30MB. With being built “from the ground up on an entirely new code base”, be prepared to have a super-fast experience. Now that’s a big improvement! Finally, Facebook is also planning to launch a dedicated desktop app for both Windows and Mac OS. Until then let’s explore the other available features and updates!

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