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Does Your Domain Authority Have Any Impact On SEO?

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Domain Authority from Moz is a tool that is used to predict how well a website will do in the search engine's ranking. The Domain Authority metric used by Moz is entirely different from the one Google uses to rank a site and even if your Domain Authority is near to a hundred which is the max score you can get still it doesn’t mean that Google will rank according to your expectations.


In short Domain Authority is Moz’s metric not Google’s. Also, the toolset provider stated that the DA score is based on their algorithms and has nothing to do with Google’s metric. There are many other companies who use their way of scoring sites, pages and are quite famous like Ahrefs and Majestic. The DA doesn’t affect the Google rankings so even if your DA score is lesser than usual then no need to worry. It is not going to have any impact on the rank of your site, and it is better to deal with search engine optimization the Google’s way.

According to a lot of search engine optimizers, they were following Moz’s tools and tried to get the maximum score, but even after reaching the top score, their sites didn’t notice a significant difference in ranking. Even people after the DA update in Moz have reported an enormous change in the DA score, and in return, a tweet calmed them down by saying Google never used or uses the DA score as a ranking factor.

So, it is better to stick to your SEO strategy and try not to change your style just to add more to your DA at score-providing company’s sites.


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