Google Warned Chrome Users To Update It ASAP

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Google Chrome


There is a flaw reported by Google which is used by the crackers to get into the computers of other people. Google released an update in which the error was resolved, but people will need to download it manually as Google automatic updates are not going to work. Make sure your Chrome version is (Chrome V 72.0.3626.121) if not then upgrade it as soon as possible to avoid getting your data breached. You can check the version by going to the help menu and clicking on about Google Chrome.

According to the head of security, you should update the chrome app right away because if you have vital data that you don’t want others to get access to then don’t wait. The company also mentioned its severity to a high level in a blog post shared by Google. You can manually update your chrome by visiting the settings of the browser.

The browser updates automatically without letting the users know, and the changes take effect when you restart or re-open the browser. There are a few cases when you have to update the Chrome browser manually, and that is when Google doesn’t distribute the updates all at once which is why it takes time for a browser to fetch the files from the server.

Google Chrome was released almost ten years ago, and it is the best replacement for any browser that we have been using not only because it has a better interface than others but also because of the features it has to offer. As a while ago we needed to update our browsers with the latest Flash software etc. to keep our apps, games, and videos running, but in Chrome, we never needed to.


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