Do We Need Voice Search Analysis?

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Voice search is admired by more than half of the owners of smartphones today. It will continue to face growth, and by the year 2020, almost sixty percent queries will be made using this method of search. According to the recently conducted research, the future of voice search is quite promising. This is where all the marketers are going to re-plan their digital strategies. According to the information, the use of smart home speakers will increase up to fifty-seven percent.


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Voice Search Will Let Us Understand The Intention Of Users

As voice search is based on key phrases and long tail keywords, it will get easier for search engines to provide better results, the ones that match the user’s intention. As stated in the reports the text-based search terms usually consist of not more than two words whereas a vocally made search contains a long phrase.

Typically the text-based searches include “Travel Deals for Miami” whereas the search terms used vocally contain an elaborated form like “What are the best deals for Miami in summer?” These details can let the marketers get a better intuition into a user’s intent. This information can be quite useful and can assist in recreating their marketing strategies.


A Better Insight Into Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The data that is being gathered from voice searches is vital for local businesses. According to the collected data, more than fifty percent of people used voice search to find information about local businesses in the past year and almost forty-five percent users search for a local business every day. There is a massive number of people who use voice search for finding directions, and I’m one of them, plus I also inquire about hours and services too.

This data is going to help in adjusting some new long tail keywords for SEO strategies, and marketers can develop better plans by learning about how their competitors are responding to these terms.

These insights can provide an actual reason behind search terms and do you know? Google is featuring position 0 (the snippet block you see right below the search bar when a query is made for a quick answer) for providing results to vocally made searches.  The voice search will turn out snowballing in the year 2020 and marketers are already preparing strategies on how to deal with the information.


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