The Future of Technology

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We have seen some amazing inventions in the last few decades and we expect to see quite a few in the future. Remember how desktops revolutionized the computer world. People were no longer limited to going to a computer center to use one as now they could have them on their desktop in the home or place of work. Then they started packing more power into them and making them smaller, which led to the invention of laptops and tablets. Next to come were cell phones which gave people the freedom to carry phones in their pockets. If this was not enough the smartphone came along and it packed everything into one small handheld device. It is a phone, camera, computer, gaming device, video and music player all packed into one easy to carry a device. Don’t be surprised when you hear that the smartphone can now project videos on any surface.


future of technology


Transistors became smaller and more power could be packed into one board. But then the laws of physics apply, and there is only so much that can be packed on board. But that has not stopped technology from advancing. Very soon chips will be assembled using atoms or molecules. To make life easier for users the keyboard and mouse are becoming obsolete. After all, hands get tired typing and so does the hand in moving the mouse around. In the future what you think will get written without using an input device.

Now researchers are busy working on inventing devices that will make it easier for users to work without touching any device. Yes, signals from your brain will do the work. Think, right now technology has advanced to this extent. You walk into your house and say 'turn on the lights' and the lights turn on. You say 'TV on' and it switches on. You press a button on your car keys and it unlocks. Press a button in your car and it will park itself. You walk away from the car and press a button and it locks. The car brakes slam on automatically when it senses an obstacle in its path.

There are buildings being constructed that have rotating apartments. Press a button and select the view you want to see from your apartment building. Connect all your smart devices to your smartphone. Set the temperature of your house before you arrive. Turn on the coffee machine, the oven and you have your food ready and waiting for you. Get a warning if an intruder breaks into your house when you are miles away. You can switch your car off remotely if you suspect it's been stolen.

There are so many advances that technology has made in recent years and there are a number of them in the pipeline which is being tested and should become available soon.

All this is possible now, and there is a whole set of inventions in the pipeline so get ready to witness exciting events in the future, which isn’t too far away.



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