How Can You Determine The Quality Of The Link?

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Whenever you are going for a backlink, you need to do a small background check. This is where you take a look at the type of links the other websites are holding. If they have quality inbound links then no need to find another reason to stay away and if the site contains links that are entirely irrelevant and off the topic then you need to move somewhere else. Also, you don’t have to pay for advertisements on such sites and if you are already then it is better that you stop right away and read below:

All the websites on the internet do not generate traffic to your link and not all the pages that contain quality content have high ranks. Websites that have authentic and relevant content must be your aim because such sites revolve around a good community. People in SEO took relevancy in the wrong sense a while back; they thought word matching is what makes a search relevant for the site and therefore a NY based restaurant site can also contain NY travels because they both include NY or New York in common. This idea didn’t work for long, and people had to change their perception on the work relevance.


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If the content you are adding the link to on a site is not relevant or of contemporary interest then there is no use of appending a connection there. People will generate negative reviews about it as the link will take them to a place that is totally off the topic. So, build links at appropriate places and sites that have good people circling around.

Even if you manage to get visitors, it is not possible that you can gain a better rank when a visitor has different intention of visiting the link. People think if a link is bringing in traffic then probably it’s a useful link but more than half the traffics intent is not matching the material on your site, how is that any good? Such traffic is considered useless therefore avoid adding links to websites that do not have relevant articles.

In short, let’s compile it up, you need to think that, will the traffic convert after addition of the link or not? The next thing you need to focus on is checking of inbound and outbound links of that site, to be sure they aren’t spammy. The most critical part you need to inspect is the user intent on whether they will find relevant material on the page or not. Now you know how you can check the quality of the various links, it is all based on a little research nothing more.


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