Combining Your Public Relations and SEO strategies for Success

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Over the years, SEO strategies have been in a state of almost constant flux. As the internet and marketing trends change and evolve, so too does our approach to content marketing. Today, there is an exceedingly high focus on attracting attention from high-quality brands. However, getting those brands to talk about you requires a deeper consideration of public relations. In fact, it could be argued that PR needs to be a staple of the current era of search engine optimization.

  1. PR can enhance your social media campaign

Sharing content through social media allows you to expose your brand to wider audiences than ever before, however using a PR approach could significantly amplify your social reach. For example, ask industry partners to share your content through their social media too. This can lead to further growth, introducing your brand to a new realm of potential customers, as well as outlets that could reward you with backlinks. Google’s recent Panda algorithm has made it obvious that brand mentions are going to be an important part of SEO’s future.

  1. PR can help to generate authority links

There are few things that SEO loves more than relationships built through public relations. These connections that have been established with reporters, journalists, and editors, can help you to attract links from authoritative websites, resulting in significantly improved search engine rankings.

  1. Implied links (authority brand mentions) are destined to become more crucial in the future

If a brand is exciting, impressive, and popular, then it only makes sense for that brand to be mentioned throughout the web. This means not only producing backlinks but generating conversations and comments. As mentions become more important to brand recognition in the future, more use of Public Relations techniques is going to come into play. The more websites and media outlets that pay attention to your brand and talk about you, the more search engines will view you as an authority figure in your niche or industry.

Public Relations and SEO are always going to be separate entities in their own right, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be innovative with your approach to them. Combining SEO and PR techniques will help you to create an effective and efficient strategy for online marketing that produces the results Google is looking for. If Google loves what you’re doing with your marketing strategy, then you can rest assured you’re going to start reaping the benefits.


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