Bad Blogging Advice

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If you like wasting your time, money, and energy on bad advice, here’s what you should do to make your blog bomb:

Update Your Blog Every Day

Because your blog is not about informing or engaging your audience by publishing valuable articles, it’s about making sure that your website is regularly updated with fresh content so you can get on the front page of Google.

Besides, it’s not like anyone is going to actually subscribe to your blog, so why worry about spamming subscribers?

Everytime You Publish a New Blog, Be Sure To Share It On Social Media!

It will only take a few minutes to post the link to your newest update on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and any other networks you are active on.

Actually, it can be done even quicker by automatically streaming your blog RSS through an auto responder to streamline social updating.

What better way to turn off any real followers who might have accidentally followed you?

Optimize For Keywords

Be sure to include target keywords in your Page Title, Meta Title & Description, Headers, first paragraph, image alt tags, and as often as possible throughout web page content. Keep the keyword density between 2-3% though, because search engines frown on keyword stuffing.

Word Count Quota

Be sure that each blog post is at least 500 words long. 750 is better. Search engines favor that. (Just don’t ask for a credible resource that makes this claim.)

Build as Many Backlinks As Possible

Because Google Page Rank, that’s why.

Reminder—these are all BAD advice.

Up until now, you might have actually been guilty of following some of this advice. It’s not really your fault because this advice actually exists in blogs and in books. At some point, some of these suggestions may have actually been valuable. Things become outdated quickly when it comes to internet marketing.

The one thing that will never change, and the best advice you could ever follow, is to use your blog to inform, entertain, engage, and/or communicate with your core audience. Some of the best and most successful blogs are all about getting subscribers who can relate, who may or may not become customers but will certainly look forward to the next post and will not hesitate to share a post with their like minded friends.

A successful blog is something that has no tricks or shortcuts. It is genuine and authentic. Everything else is just bad advice.


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