An Easy to Use Content Strategy Template

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Every internet marketer is going to have their own way of providing clients with a unique content strategy… whether it is a single page of bullet points, a power point presentation, or a 50-page report outlining specific details of an action plan.

In case you’re stuck on what to offer, this template can guide you through creating your own template of a content strategy. It’s all about breaking it down into simpler elements!

  • An Introduction may help you outline certain tasks such as research, key goals & how they’ll be measured, and any other information that doesn’t belong in another section.
  • One section should focus on Onsite Content. This covers a Home page and any targeted landing pages, an About page, Service pages and/or product descriptions, a Blog, and other on-site content. Assess the information as it stands now, and highlight how the content strategy will be an improvement.
  • There might be a section that really focuses more specifically on the Blog—and highlighting how your content strategy will be adopted.
  • Off-Site Content can be one section or divided into multiple sections, depending on the content strategy.
  • Tasks & Expectations is a section that outlines the rules, goals, and roles to clarify a workflow process where involved parties can be held personally accountable for their own responsibilities.


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