LinkedIn TransformHer Conference to Help Women in Technology

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On their 1st February 2019 conference, LinkedIn claims to turn TransformHER into a premier conference for professional Latin and Black women in tech. Through their online forum and annual conference, LinkedIn purposes to create a women’s network who can share resources and ideas to help each other in transforming their careers.

TransformHER is a premier conference to help women build strong relationships and leverage available resources to advance. LinkedIn wants to invest in a community of professional ladies in color in tech. They are focusing on the solution while offering resources for up-level ladies of color and growth in technology. Co-founder of TransformHER conference, Tyrona Heath, Market Development, Global Lead at LinkedIn desired to facilitate ladies of color with the necessary tools, resources, and soft skills to empower them for tough conversations.


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Attendees of the conference got a better understanding of the role of women in the advancement of the tech world. In the tech realm, they can get access to a network of dominant influencers to generate change for the marginalized community. LinkedIn is trying to connect the professionals of the world to opportunity. TransformHER brings ladies of color together and associates in technology to overcome obstacles and unlock their potential through different topics, such as managing complicate work cultures, building your brand, entrepreneurship, etc.

For women of color attempting to establish their career in tech, there are some guaranteed roadblocks and obstacles. The procedure becomes simple with TransformHER for creating a community. The main takeaways of TransformHER are as under:

  • Equip ladies of color with resources, soft skills, and tools to help them to deal with their careers and crack the dual glass ceiling in the current demographic.

  • Get a better understanding of the scope of the tech world for women and continue in this industry to shape their future.

  • Use the power of networking with tech companies to generate influential change for the community

With more than 1,000 viewers in the live stream of TransformHER conference, it was a source of invaluable information on how to work in the workplace as an expert. The attendees learn the ways to handle office culture and macroaggressions with relevant skills.


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