5 Ways to Make People Remember Your Brand

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These tips, for the record, are actually 5 ways to make sure people remember you. You can use them as a mating/dating strategy, networking at a real world party, or as marketing tactics that actually matter for your brand.

Find A Common Bond

People will relate to you, and trust you, when you identify a bond. It can be a movie you watched, a preference between dogs, a town you’ve visited, or even a favorite color.

When people find somebody they relate to, they remember that person.

Develop a Signature

Most unforgettable people have a certain style that stands out about them. A black turtleneck, for example, is something you may associate with Steve Jobs. If there is a certain style or accessory that is a conscious part of your brand, it is easier to remember. However, it has to be natural… you can’t fake this one. (In other words, don’t dye your hair purple as a trick just as a “trick” for people to remember you.)

Pique Curiosity

When somebody asks the inevitable ice breaker “What do you do?” then you have the choice to kill the conversation within 10 seconds with a dull answer that tells them what you do… or you can spark their interest with a response (such as “I help businesses make more money”) that leaves a more memorable impression.

Ask Questions

People love to talk about themselves, and that’s why people are more likely to remember somebody who asks thoughtful questions. It makes somebody feel appreciated and understood, and it is more productive to be the person who is remembered as thoughtful as opposed to the person that goes on and on about their own accomplishments.

Have a Reason to Follow Up

It’s harder to remember somebody that you’ve only interacted with one time, so the best way to turn a brief meeting into a long lasting relationship is by making a point to continue the conversation. Exchange contact information, rather than simply giving your business card away, and identify areas of your conversation that are a good potential for following up.

It could be emailing an article they’d be interested in or calling to congratulate them when their favorite team wins. Repeated exposure leads to a more memorable brand.


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