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About Rotate PDF Tool

Let’s suppose you have just merged multiple PDF files that contain multiple images, some graphs, and PowerPoint slides from various files into a single PDF document. While you are going through the new merged PDF document, you come across several pages that are arranged in a disorganized manner. Some images are facing sideways, and some graphs are upside down. In a document intended for a business purpose such disorderly pages give an unprofessional impression and can cause more harm than good, regardless of the content accuracy.

Issues with such misaligned and disordered pages, images, inconsistent font, and PDF pages exhibiting the wrong direction are common. In a case like that, a PDF rotate tool with a feature to rotate PDF pages, and then downloading and saving them becomes a handy way for personal as well as work use.

PDF Rotate online is a unique and efficient way that allows to rotate PDF and save without having to sign up or install any software. The page flip PDF or rotate PDF file tool can help change the direction of PDF pages in any direction. To rotate a file, you may use Adobe reader; however, it doesn’t allow you to save the rotated pdf format. The online PDF rotate tool helps you not only rotate a PDF but also save it permanently. There are three different rotation formats available including 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees. Most of these pdf rotate tools can easily run on a standard browser without requiring any installation or registration. Google Chrome web browser is highly recommended to serve this purpose.

Why Would You Need PDF Rotate Tool

The PDF file you handle may be oriented in a wrong direction, for example, it might be upside down, this would give you a lot of trouble and inconvenience when accessing the PDF files especially at work. Page Flip PDF tool to rotate PDF pages could help you rotate the PDFs easier.

If you have merged several PDF files, and now the new PDF contains an image which you would like to display vertically instead of horizontally, you will need a tool to rotate PDF and save.

The same thing happens all the time when you have found a scanned PDF file turned over, or some graph in a PDF aligned in a wrong direction, the PDF files that you may download from the internet are usually upside down and so on. In order to flip the PDF and adjust it as per requirements, you need a handy page flip PDF tool.

Rotate PDF Tool by SmallSEOTools

• Rotate PDF File Online: This handy tool doesn’t require any download or installation. You can use it online and good news is there isn’t any virus or malware. You can now rotate a PDF online just through your browser.
• Easy and Permanent PDF Rotating: To rotate a PDF is no longer a problem now. Our pdf rotate or page flip PDF tool allows you to quickly rotate the files you want and then save them permanently.
• 100% Secure File: With our PDF rotate tool your files are completely secure. We give you 100% guarantee that your files are not saved or shared with any third party. Any file that you update will be erased permanently after processing.

Why Download & Save PDF File After Rotation

SmallSEOTools offer a Rotate PDF tool which is one of the most versatile tools to rotate PDF and save it in the market today. It is just perfect to fulfill your need of rotating PDFs at home or at work. PDF files need some flexibility in terms of rotating given pages at a preferred angle. This tool offered by SmallSEOTools provides various rotation formats such as 90° and above.

Are you are wondering about what to do after rotating a PDF with the help of our PDF rotate tool? Let us help you! Once you have rotated the file, then you have to save it in order to keep the resulted rotated document permanently. If you rotate a file and don’t save it, you will lose it. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you save the PDF to keep it valid.

How to Use Rotate PDF Tool?

Rotate PDF is an excellent tool with a straightforward yet efficient functionality. Using this useful pdf rotate tool isn’t a problem. You just have to drag and drop the file in the given box or upload the file from any other source, and then select the angle in which you want to rotate your file. Finally, click on the Rotate PDF button; now sit back and wait for the tool to do its thing.

Our pdf rotate tool will process your file, rotate it and show you the results in the Results box below. All the PDF pages in the file will be rotated in your desired direction. Now you can click on the Download Rotated PDF to download and save the file.